Exploring Blockchain

Blockchain paves the way to greatly improved cryptography and online security.  It establishes faster, more efficient, more transparent, more accountable and less expensive operations and transactions. It is the future of commerce. And it’s already begun.

This website serves as an ongoing exploration of all things blockchain as our world embarks upon this fundamental shift of networked infrastructure, by GW Alger.

GW Alger

Marketing, financial technology executive and blockchain consultant. Part of a small team that built a business from nothing to over 100 million dollars in 3 years through online marketing, direct mail and national TV.

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Immutable Distribution

Immutable Distribution represents the basic utility of blockchain security: unchangeable blocks of data that are decentralized and distributed on public, private or hybrid computer networks.


What is Coindesk?

CoinDesk, located in NYC, bills itself as “The world leader in news, prices and information on bitcoin and other digital currencies.” They cover news and analysis on the trends, price movements, technologies, companies and people in the bitcoin and digital currency world. Their per-minute Bitcoin Price Index, a derived measure of bitcoin’s value based on …


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