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“Blockchain paves the way to greatly improved cryptography and online security.  It establishes faster, more efficient, more transparent, more accountable and less expensive operations and transactions. It is the future of commerce. And it’s already begun.” GW Alger

GW Alger

Marketing and financial technology executive. Part of a small team that built a business from nothing to over 100 million dollars in 3 years through online marketing, direct mail and national TV.

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Immutable Distribution

Immutable means that something is unchanging over time or unable to be changed.

In the context of blockchain, distribution refers to a decentralized data storage model. Instead of one central database where all data is stored and subject to compromise, blocks of information are stored simultaneously in multiple locations and computationally locked together.

Hence, immutable distribution constitutes the heart and soul of blockchain.  Once data is stored in a blockchain network, it can never be changed without alerting the rest of the network.

More data blocks can be added, but earlier data blocks are continuously confirmed as unchanged.  Immutable distribution represents an improved paradigm of data storage.


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