“Devvio Has Solved Blockchain’s Biggest Challenges”

There are no shortage of bold claims and blatant hype in the blockchain industry.  And that’s not even including the crypto universe.

Enter Devv.io, which states it “Has solved blockchain’s biggest challenges.” Now, if you’ve been in the space a little while, it would be easy to dismiss this as just another hopeful promise and pay it no mind. 

But the reality is, someone ‘will’ solve blockchain’s biggest challenges. Technology moves forward.  Challenges ‘are’ solved. It’s an inevitability. In other words, regardless of how jaded one might become, in time blockchain’s current challenges will become little discussed history.

In the following linked article by John Koetsier, he interviews Devv.io CEO, Tom Anderson, who states: “We have the fastest blockchain in the world. We have the least expensive smart contract system. We have a solution for fraud, theft, and loss. We have a privacy solution that will work within government regulation. We have a stable coin that can be implemented within KYC and AML constraints. It is not until one has solved ALL of these problems that blockchain can truly fulfill its potential and become a world changing technology.”

Let me assure you, I, like so many others, wish to see this as demonstrable truth. The world is waiting.