What is Blockchain

Blockchain may seem foreigner and complicated to anyone unfamiliar with this new technology, but it’s a lot simpler than most people think. Essentially its the combination of two relatively old technologies – distributed computing and cryptography. In simple terms blockchain is a distributed encrypted ledger hosted on a network of computers.

Inside The Cryptocurrency Revolution | VICE on HBO

Bitcoin’s emergence as a global digital currency has been as revolutionary as it has been erratic. But while fledgling investors obsess over every fluctuation in the cryptocurrency market, nation-states are more interested in the underlying blockchain technology and its ability to revolutionize how business is done on the internet and beyond. VICE’s Michael Moynihan travels to Russia with Vitalik Buterin, inventor of the Ethereum blockchain, to get a front-row seat to the geopolitical tug of war over Internet 3.0.

Can Quantum Computers Hack Blockchain

Quantum leap: why the next wave of computers will change the world To break a widely used RSA 2048-bit encryption, a classical computer with one trillion operations per second would need around 300 trillion years. A quantum computer using Shor’s algorithm could achieve the same feat in just 10 seconds, with 1 million operations per second. 300 trillion years versus 10 seconds.

AdShares: Decentralized Programmatic

Adshares is the first genuinely decentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising. It is also the most advanced blockchain-based project in the advertising market. We use own blockchain to connect publishers and advertisers and let them make direct deals. Adshares is not about a group or an individual controlling the market, but about creating a decentralized space for the market to grow freely.

The Future of AI and Blockchain

In this panel discussion at the Blockshow Conference 2019, we examine what some of the best minds in AI and blockchain think about how technological advancement is changing the world, and how AI and Blockchain are intrinsically linked.

The panelists are: Dr Ben Goertzel the CEO of SingularityNET, Toufi Saliba the CEO of Todalarity and Toda Network, Chirdeep Singh Chhabra the founder of Ocean Protocol, David Lake the CEO of Rejuv, and Cole Sirucek the co-founder and CEO of DocDoc. The panel was moderated by Chantel Costa the Director of Development for DAIA.