How DAML works!

DAM is an open-source programming language for writing distributed applications quickly, concisely, and correctly. It runs on the leading blockchain platforms which means that you can build your application now and pick which platform works best for you later. Distributed applications are an emerging paradigm and traditional languages and toolchains just aren’t up to the task. There are complexities such as cryptography and distributed state synchronization which required a ground-up redesign. DAML may not look like anything else you know but with good reason — it is years ahead of the curve. DAML abstracts the underlying implementation details so you can just focus on getting to market faster. Built-in simulation tools and a strong type system means that you can be sure that the application is doing exactly what you expect it to. Code written in DAML is also easier to maintain, so you can rapidly iterate on your application once it’s running.

Protecting Brand Trust with Nanotechnology and Blockchain Smart Contracts – Dan O’Prey & Pete Harris

Protecting Brand Trust with Nanotechnology and Blockchain Smart Contracts – Dan O’Prey, Digital Asset & Pete Harris, Quantum Materials Corp. It takes a significant investment to establish consumer trust in a global product brand, but an even greater one to protect it from the criminal activities of counterfeiters. Recent industry statistics suggest that the counterfeit marketplace is now a $1.8 Trillion endeavor spanning the entire globe. In this talk, we will provide an overview of how the combination of cutting edge nanomaterials called quantum dots can be combined with blockchain and smart contracts to underpin the manufacture of provably authentic products and then track their supply chain provenance to retail point of sale. We’ll then present a real-life anti-counterfeit response highlighting the unique integration of Quantum Material Corp’s configurable QDX Dots with DAML business logic running on a Hyperledger Sawtooth platform.

Amazon, Coinbase Among Best Businesses Using Blockchain | The Countdown | Forbes

This week we’re taking a look at five companies that stand out from our Blockchain 50 list, a list celebrating the companies who are best using blockchain to innovate their businesses. We take a look at Amazon’s webservices business; Walmart food tracking initiatives; LVMH antifraud tracking; the United Nations’ work in Jordan; and how Coinbase is revolutionizing financial blockchain applications. To qualify, Blockchain 50 members must be generating no less than one billion dollars in revenue annually or be valued at one billion dollars or more.

Demystifying Blockchain | Zenobia Godschalk | TEDxCentennialParkWomen

“On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog,” with these words, Zenobia Godshalk, Founder, Zag Communications talks about internet privacy or lack thereof. She astutely asks the question “how did we the people become we the product,” as our private information and data is bought and sold online. Assume you are comprised. In her talk, she outlines how blockchain can help us achieve the internet we deserve instead of the internet that we have today. Zenobia Godschalk is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications for Hedera Hashgraph. She has over 20 years experience in high tech PR, helping companies create and dominate new categories.