Blockchain for social good: Charles Hoskinson keynote, Davos 2020

On 23 January, IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson delivered an inspirational keynote speech to the audience at Davos on blockchain for social good, citing practical examples that apply to real-world situations. As part of the Cardano delegation at Davos, led by Cardano Foundation, IOHK representatives took part in various panels and delivering keynote talks, while promoting the adoption of Cardano at this influential event.

Charles Hoskinson on Dan Larimer and EOS

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Input Output HK and creator of the Cardano blockchain protocol, had a passionate response when asked about his Twitter fights with Dan Larimer during a recent Tokyo FinTech Meetup. This is only a short excerpt of almost two hours of opening comments and Q&A, which you can find in full length on our YouTube channel.

The Blockchain/Crypto Path Ahead

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK/Cardano, speaks about the path ahead for the crypto and decentralized industry on March 14, 2019 as well as the decline of global financial markets.

Hoskinson believes that we can solve the world’s financial problems with open source technology.

He outlines parallel futures whereby we can have truly private, decentralized, financial transactions vs hierarchial, centralized control, such as we are accustomed.

Cardano Foundation Changes

In a November 13th press release, The Cardano Foundation “announced that Michael Parsons, Chairman of the Foundation Council of the Cardano Foundation, has resigned with immediate effect. Pascal Schmid, Council Member, will take over as Chairman of the Foundation Council on an interim basis. “

In the above video, Charles Hoskinson discusses the change and expresses that the Cardano Foundation needs to spend the next few months re-establishing itself.

Hoskinson outlined three things he believes needs to be done.

  1. The foundation needs to restore credibility and trust with the community
  2. The foundation needs to be a good citizen and invest in its Swiss jurisdiction
  3. The foundation can reinvent itself from this crisis to become more effective for the community.

Additionally, Hopkinson outlined his personal wish list and outlook for the future.

In this article, the relationship between The Cardano Foundation and its counterparts are outlined. 

  • IOHK — Responsible for developing the core protocols that compose Cardano while meeting established academic and scientific standards.
  • Emurgo — Builds global relationships with developers and instigates projects for Cardano.
  • The Cardano Foundation — Created to promote Cardano while managing, informing, and responding to the needs of their growing international community.

In brief,  each of the three separate legal entities serve as a system of checks and balances, designed to prevent the failure of one branch from taking down the entire project

Additional details are available in this article: Cardano Foundation Says Goodbye To Its Chairman.

Charles Hoskinson Discusses Cardano and Business Success

Charles Hoskinson is a former co-founder of BitShares, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic and is a co-founder of Cardano.  Hoskinson is currently the CEO of IOHK, a technology company that leads the development of Cardano (ADA) and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

In this interview he talks about solving real-world problems with blockchain and cryptocurrency, citing examples in Africa, where the interview was held.

Hoskinson refers to Cardano as part of a 3rd generarion of cryptocurrencies.

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