AI Show – Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning

This episode helps you compare deep learning vs. machine learning. You’ll learn how the two concepts compare and how they fit into the broader category of artificial intelligence. During this demo we will also describes how deep learning can be applied to real-world scenarios such as fraud detection, voice and facial recognition, sentiment analytics, and time series forecasting.

What Is Machine Learning (The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence)

In the past few videos in this series, we have delved quite deep into the field of machine learning, discussing both supervised and unsupervised learning. The focus of this video then is to consolidate many of the topics we’ve discussed in the past videos and answer the question posed at the start of this machine learning series, the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning!

Artificial intelligence on the rise

Let machines learn, think and do things for us: that was the original idea behind artificial intelligence. The concept isn’t new, but modern hardware and algorithms have brought its potential to a new level. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have already witnessed digital minds fighting alongside humans. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence is also seen as one of the main engines for the next industrial revolution. So, what will the future look like with powerful AI? What can it be ultimately capable of? And what are the concerns that surround this promising technology? In the future, where will be the boundary between human and machine?

The Birth of Artificial Intelligence

In the last video in this series we discussed the ancient origins of artificial intelligence progressing forward to the beginnings of the development of modern computing based artificial intelligence, encompassing the philosophies, theories and inventions of many talented individuals and groups. The focus of this video will continue right were the last one left off, so sit back, relax and join me on an exploration on the official birth of modern artificial intelligence leading to present day!