What Is Deep Learning (The Rise of Artificial Intelligence)

Deep learning is a sub-field of AI that has taken the world by storm, in large part, since the start of this decade. In this sixth video in my artificial intelligence series and as for the purpose of this deep learning series, we’ll explore why it has exploded in popularity, how deep learning systems work and their future applications, so sit back, relax and join me on an exploration into the field of deep learning!

AI Show – Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning

This episode helps you compare deep learning vs. machine learning. You’ll learn how the two concepts compare and how they fit into the broader category of artificial intelligence. During this demo we will also describes how deep learning can be applied to real-world scenarios such as fraud detection, voice and facial recognition, sentiment analytics, and time series forecasting.

Very Simple Explanation Of Neural Network

Very simple explanation of a neural network using an analogy that even a high school student can understand it easily. I will discuss using a simple example various concepts such as what is neuron, error backpropogation algorithm, forward pass, backward pass, neural network training etc.