Neuralink: The Trillion Dollar Cyborg Gold Rush

Depending on which study you read, in the next few decades, humanity will reach the singularity. The point at which computers will match or exceed human intelligence. If you think about it, all humanity has ever achieved has been because of 3 factors: how much information we can take in, how much information we can process, and how much information we can put out. Every problem we haven’t solved yet – curing cancer, going to mars, all comes back to how fast, or how slow, we can interact or interface with the world around us The real bottleneck are the first and last factors Compare that to artificial intelligence – when it reaches its singularity point, it will be able to think like us and process info like us, except it won’t have the bottleneck of physical bodies. Humanity’s “interface” with the world, our senses and physical bodies have very “low bandwidth” as Elon Musk likes to call it In 2017, Elon Musk launched a secretive startup called Neuralink. Neuralink’s long term goal is to free humanity from this bottleneck by bypassing our archaic limbs altogether, and augment that connection between our brains and the outside world with a computer chip that connects the two together. AKA cyborgs with what’s called Brain-Machine Interface devices or BMI’s It would be as non-invasive as something like LASIK surgery Once you have the BMI installed, it would connect wirelessly to an outside wearable so you don’t have wires sticking out of your head and to a smartphone app With something like this, as the technology progresses, Neuralink offer us, not just a way out, but a way in to ride the wave of real Ai, instead of being crushed by Skynet A lot of people talk about how revolutionary Ai is, blockchain, even me with quantum computing But if you think about it – all those innovations operate outside of humans, it’s just another tool we interact with But brain-machine interfaces? We’re talking about the first invention to truly evolve humans as a species And who knows, maybe they’ll look back and call this era the cyborg revolution.

Our Neuralink Future

Elon Musk’s newer company “Neuralink” just demoed the brain device they’ve been working on the past 2 years during a live stream event. I’ve been waiting a long time to get a glimpse of the hardware, software, and intentions they have as they build this technology and the event was satisfying, thought provoking, and humbling. I’m going to review my impressions of the event, explain how the device works in technical detail, then make a few predictions of what it’s going to be used for in the future. It’s an exciting time to be alive, and although there are dangers involved, I have faith that we can learn from our mistakes and avoid having this tool be used for exploitation like social networks have been used for.