The Future of Financing Blockchain

This panel discussion was held in Toronto at the Blockchain Futurist Conference in August 2018.

Panel speakers include Andrew Kiguel (Hut 8), Michael Bucella (BlockTower), Eric So (Globalive Technology) and  Michael Hyatt (Hyatt Family Office).  The discussion was moderated by Christine Lee, (Co-Founder & Head of Media, Blockchain Advisory Group).

Hyatt stated that people who were raising money via ICO’s in 2017 were doing something akin to crowdfunding. The future of blockchain financing is “show me” that you can make money, just don’t tell me you have a good idea.

He believes security tokens may start standing out in 2019 to ensure there’s an asset under the coin.

Additionally, he says 2019 will also be about regulations in the USA and Canada.

Bucella concurs that 2017 was a crowdfunding space with a sexy white paper. The benefit of bear markets is that people start focusing on real value.

Eric So supports security tokens and states that people like things they’re familiar with, which would include some amount of regulation.  But he see’s blockchain as a democratization of access to capital like never before.

Much of the panel conversation revolved around crypto regulation and security tokens, which may be averse to the philosophy of a decentralized, anti-establishment, private crypto market.

As a result, crypto investors are different than traditional investors.

In the next five years a lot of value will be created.

There was some agreement that the bear market is a good thing.  What will come out of the bear market are businesses that have a real revenue model.