Analyzing Blockchain Investment Opportunities

Kate Rooney outlines three public companies that could benefit long-term from emerging blockchain tech and have nothing to do with bitcoin. Strategically speaking, the article identifies three ways to value blockchain opportunities.

  1. For those familiar with blockchain, the obvious strategy is to seek entities where the opportunity to replace a middleman is the largest.
  2. There is also the central idea of finding businesses where trust is needed or where none exists.
  3. And what may be the most obvious, exploring which companies are best positioned to offer blockchain as a service.

The first two are fundamental benefits of blockchain, in addition to improved transparency and lowered transaction costs.

The third is already in play with IBM, Google, Amazon and Microsoft (and others), all positioning themselves early to be front and center of the anticipated wave of companies that will be embracing blockchain as the technology becomes more readily deployable and the economic opportunities become irresistible.