Blockchain explained with Animations

Blockchain is the technology that underpins Cryptocurrencies. In our current society, we rely on trust in centralized intermediaries that they are doing the right thing with our data or money. When you send money to your mother, you rely on and trust that your bank is keeping records correctly and not being fraudulent. Often due to this issue of trust the current system needs some clunky safeguards, checks, and balances and legal frameworks, which all slow transfers down and also makes it more costly, and with all this, still does not guarantee that there are no malefactors even within those systems. And if this status quo trust was to erode the whole system would fall apart. So to create true decentralization we need an infrastructure/system that is transparent and that can create provable and unquestionable trust, when this is achieved, it can be built on top of without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.