Blockchain journalism startup Civil is shutting down

Civil, the high-profile, blockchain-backed attempt to nurture nascent digital news sites, is shutting down. It’s “the end of Civil,” he said. Iles and his seven-person tech team will be folded into Civil’s main investor, blockchain studio ConsenSys, to develop new product strategies. Vivian Schiller, a well-traveled and well-respected digital news executive who had been president of the related Civil Foundation, left to head media and technology programs at the Aspen Institute at the start of this year. Civil was launched in 2017 at the height of enthusiasm for blockchain virtual currency.

MORE ON CIVIL: Civil wants to use cryptoeconomics and blockchain to build the future of news.

MORE ON CIVIL: Civil tries a relaunch but blockchain and a complex ‘constitution’ remain In the early days of Civil’s launch, top news organizations were open to a relationship. “We had been trying to scope out a project with Civil related to registering and tracking photos,” Jim Kennedy, chief of strategy for the Associated Press, wrote in an email. The Civil Foundation lined up nine A-list digital news veterans as a Civil Council. I do think the state of the art in supporting necessary journalism in a time of great need has advanced quickly during Civil’s three-year lifespan.