Can GPT 4 Prompt Itself? MemoryGPT, AutoGPT, Jarvis, Claude-Next [10x GPT 4!] and more…

Can GPT 4 Prompt itself? Give it a mission and it will come up with the prompts. This video showcases the rise of autonomous AI, including 5 major developments in the last 48 hours.

Starting with the OG Auto-GPT, we see how it quickly gain text-to-speech, coding and more. Karpathy weighs in and then we see how you can now create an app with just your voice, with a Jarvis demo and another route via Imagica.AI.

I then showcase MemoryGPT, a brand new model that can permanently store previous conversations and remembers topics the next time you ask.
I also cover the concerningly rise of models such as ChaosGPT that show how people will create malicious goal-seeking models just for fun.

The video shows how you can now create a shareable bot on, with any personality you like (images were from Midjourney v5) and what Anthropic are working on with Claude Next [plus Nvidia million x quote].

You’ll see how Microsoft Jarvis, using HuggingGPT, is hit and miss, and how Sebastien Bubeck shows we are not even seeing the raw potential of GPT 4. I end with a disagreement between Yudkowsky and Altman, via Baby AGI, on whether we can use AGI to align AGI.