Carl Zeiss, Explained: Germany’s Semiconductor Optics Master

Germany-based Carl Zeiss AG is a fascinating company. Fascinating, even if you do not take into account that they make lenses and optics for some of the coolest systems in the world.

When you are etching patterns as wide as a small virus, you have graduated beyond simple lens. Now we refer to them as “optics systems”. These massive multi-component systems are at the very heart of the multi-million dollar photolithography machines that ASML makes. Without them, ASML has no machine to deliver to TSMC, Samsung or Intel.

In this video, we are going to continue with our deep dive into the semiconductor industry’s critical suppliers with a look at one of ASML’s closest partners. The makers of the optics systems that let high-energy UV light etch wafers. And a company with an utterly fascinating history. Carl Zeiss.

Error: The video shows that Zeiss died in 1866. He died in 1888.