Dan Larimer Explains EOS

Dan Larimer, CTO of EOS, discusses his latest blockchain in this video, which is edited from a number of presentations.

Larimer is noted for creating two earlier, and still popular decentralized blockchains:

  • Bitshares
  • Steem.

From those projects he conceived what he considers to be a better platform, which has led to his current development of EOS.

Philosophically, he was inspired by free markets, Austrian economics and Ron Paul. As a result he wanted to create systems that would provide freedom and are nonviolent.

Larimer’s life mission in to “Find free market solutions for securing life, liberty and property.”

Hence, we need money that is not controlled by a central authority.

He recognized the vulnerability of crypto exchanges, which could be shut down by governments, cutting the flow of digital currencies.

From that he created Bitshares (BTS) a Decentralized Asset Exchange. But that wasn’t up to the task of handling the required scalability.

He created Steem, a blockchain social media platform that rewards users for creating content. Transactions on Steem are free. But it moved away from a core principle of true decentralization.

Larimer is no longer involved with Bitshares or Steem and both of those platforms are doing well.

However, from his perspective, the industry has much to learn and with his past experience and ongoing learning he is building EOS for the purpose of establishing future applications on top of it with the intention that anyone, including himself, could develop on it.

EOS enables developers to build decentralized applications in a general purpose way, which are compatible with sustainable growth.

EOS is an open source platform that anyone can use to develop high-performance, decentralized, blockchain smart contracts.