Do We Get the $100 Trillion AI Windfall? Sam Altman’s Plans, Jobs & the Falling Cost of Intelligence

Sam Altman predicted this week that OpenAI could capture up to $100 trillion of the world’s wealth. But what are his plans for OpenAI to distribute that wealth? I analyse all three plans, cover his financial stake, his case for UBI, a science org and the American Equity Fund.

From papers and interviews released in recent days, I go over his predictions for massive inequality, which jobs will be impacted most, what tasks OpenAI thinks will be automated, recent surveys of business leaders and their plans to use ChatGPT for job replacement, the Goldman Sachs job analysis and which jobs Altman thinks will be hit first (customer service).

I also cover two recent productivity experiments to test the impact of GPT models and the YouGov survey on stopping it all. President Biden weighs in, Levi’s gets backlash, Wired thinks human work has a chance and Sam reveals his back-up plan to use AGI to solve AGI’s problems.