Futures: an arts-science collaboration exploring Quantum Technology & Virtual Reality

Kilter Theatre company in collaboration with researchers from the University of Bristol explore the cutting-edge worlds of quantum and virtual reality.

We learned how quantum science is moving from the theoretical to the real, and is set to change the world! Working with the people at the forefront of this science, we unlocked ethical conversations about the future of quantum, and found new ways to communicate its importance to the world.

As immersive technologies like virtual reality look set to become part of our everyday existence, we explored the ethics and societal issues of this cutting-edge science. We devised new ways of communicating developments in the technology, and of harnessing conversations around ethics, philosophy, and the human experience.

The project culminated in a series of workshops and micro-performances in summer 2019, designed to provoke an ethical conundrum for the future and share cutting-edge research with the public.