How does David Chaum Understand the Blockchain Ethos?

David Chaum describes the ethos of blockchain as about empowering individuals with the keys to control their digital future.

He describes another way which is about totally decentralizing the security and privacy mechanisms that are needed in the digital world to create a new version of the internet or the web. It’s the next generation of digital infrastructure, which would include decentralized security and privacy mechanisms that allow individuals to control their digital future.

Chaum is the CEO and founder of the Elixxir blockchain. He is a serial entrepreneur who first created blockchain technology in 1982 while a graduate student at the University of California Berkeley.

Chaum is also recognized as the inventor of digital cash, is a renowned expert in cryptography and secure election systems, and is a leading proponent of blockchain technology.

Chaum also founded the International Association for Cryptologic Research, the cryptography group at the Center for Mathematics and Computer Science in Amsterdam, DigiCash (issuer of eCash cyberbucks and fiat-backed digital currencies in the 90’s), and the Voting Systems Institute.