I Challenged Boston Dynamics’ Famous Atlas Robot

You might know Atlas, the famous robot that does parkour and throws heavy objects in Boston Dynamics’ popular YouTube videos. I visited Boston Dynamics to challenge Atlas to a little friendly competition, to see what this robot can REALLY do. I wanted to answer a question I’ve had since I was a kid: When are all the robots coming? Like C-3PO! The Iron Giant! Sonny from “I, Robot”! Human-like machines that can help people do more than we can by ourselves. For most of my life, humanoid robots have seemed pretty far away. But recently? Not so much. Tesla with Optimus, Boston Dynamics with Atlas, NASA with Valkyrie, startups like Figure and many more are all making huge leaps in this field. In this video, we take you to the cutting edge of humanoid robots, to show you what they can actually do right now… and what you can expect in the robot future that’s coming.