Is 100% Decentralization Best? Bitcoin’s Fail. The Future of Interconnected Blockchains.

Decentralization is purely a means to the end goal of immutability. Decentralization is not the end in itself, and there’s a lot of people out there who I feel have been misled into thinking that decentralization is the end goal in and of itself, and anything that has 80% decentralization versus 100% decentralization is a “shitcoin”, when in my opinion that’s simply not the case. I would much rather have high throughput, high features, high transactional capacity, low fees and immutability and censorship resistance with a middle-ground of enough decentralization to make that possible, versus the ridiculous notion of “must have 100% decentralization. Must be able to run 1MB blocks on Raspberry Pi nodes, on laptops built in 1990, so that we can have 100% decentralization—oh, but we can only do 4 transactions per second” and yes, I’m talking about Bitcoin. And that’s essentially the mindset of Bitcoin and that’s again why I feel very strongly that that’s a flawed mindset.