Next Level AI Characters & Locations, plus: Microsoft’s Gaia and More!

Today we’re taking a look at what looks to be the first glimpse of what Creative AI will look like very shortly. A lot has been made about how Image Generators will incorporate new camera techniques into their creations, allowing prompters to have post control over their angles and even explore entire worlds from a Prompt. Until now, this has mostly been theoretical (ahem)– but now, with Latent Consistency Models, we’re starting to see it happen, and….in Real Time. We’ll also be looking at a new project to generate characters within these worlds– and doing so without using previous 3d or video references! More than that, a new model that will create animated characters– and this one comes from a very surprising source. Is the future of E-Commerce going to have an AI Video component? From there, I’m also showcasing Microsoft’s Project Gaia, is this them flexing at Hey Gen? Will your avatar be attending your next Microsoft Teams meeting instead of you?