One Blockchain Network To Rule Them All? Nix.

The idea of multiple blockchains ultimately interacting with each other seems as intuitive an evolution as any prognosis on the future of the technology and is highlighted here by Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow and VP of Blockchain.

“There won’t be one blockchain network to rule them all. It’s a very safe bet. Once you make that statement, these systems need to work together,” Cuomo said. “All [the different pieces of networks] need identity and the identity better play across networks. My identity on one network better be the same on another network.”

Cuomo goes on to to note the importance of having good data, since it’s immutable, which ultimately will require cooperation between entities to agree upon standards and veracity.

The same article also points out issues to wider blockchain  adoption, including its excessive hype, association with crytpocurrency and the fact that the technology is just not ready for prime time yet.

But there are enough resources moving into the arena that it would seem it’s just a matter of time.