SwissBorg Token – The Multi Utility token (CHSB)

What is a utility token? The SwissBorg token called the CHSB token is a multi-utility token that gives REAL VALUE to the community. The CHSB token is challenging the relationship between people and their investment manager. But, how does it provide real value and is not just another speculative asset? 1) The token provides real value such as saving money on transactions and 2) It has instant use such as using the token as soon as the settings are activated on the user’s personal account. The crypto space is designed to inspire by innovative thinking that seeks to correct the unfairness and inequality that existed in the traditional space. We want to give the opportunity to an ordinary individual to take control of their wealth without the need of financial experts. We see a future that will use technology to connect the world and make financial investments, transactions and participation more equitable for token-holders, communities and nations. The CHSB is the masterpiece of that vision. It’s time for our community members to find out more about the CHSB token and its latest utility. A utility that has both real value, instant use and is extremely easy to activate: The Membership Utility.