The Early Signs of NFTs Say They Will Be Way More Than “Just Art”

Non-fungible tokens have only just started. All these different art pieces and graphic designs selling on the blockchain is really just the beginning of what this technology will be able to do for us in the future. I sat down with Jacob Willemsma & Liam Horne of “NFT Hack” to talk about where I see this technology heading, the signs from other disruports that are apparent with NFTs, what industries will adopt by the technology, and more!

NFTs For Beginners in 45 minutes

The” Non-Fungible Podcast” hosted by DKleine to talk all things NFT. This is a fantastic interview for anyone who is just getting started learning about NFT’s. We discuss the culmination of life events and interests that drew me to NFTs and CryptoArt in particular and I provide the broader implications of non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology.

The Video That Will Get You To Start Your NFT Journey

Gary has starting to get very excited around the NFT (non-fungible token) space. The emerging space built on blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize how people make art, buy products digitally and express themselves more uniquely on the internet. There will be plenty of projects that do not become the next pokemon, but there are also many that will. Start learning now about NFTs and the potential opportunities so as it grows, you can make the best decisions possible when you are ready to jump in!

Gary Vee on Why Blockchain Will Kill Middlemen

In this interview, Gary Vaynerchuk discusses his personal evolution and  emphasizes two fundamental points for business success:

  • Be passionate about the customer
  • Have an outrageous work ethic

The future of the internet is voice search, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Use all social media platforms the people you want to reach are using.

Regarding getting your message out to the world: physical activities, such as the conference they are attending, are secondary to the internet and social media.

In terms of media platforms, he advocates creating no friction in the way people want to consume information.  Whether writing books, recording podcasts or creating videos, help the end user get info the way they prefer to consume it.

Building a brand is vital in our world of commoditization of products and services.

Blockchain will eliminate the margins in financial services and other businesses.

When you make money as a middleman and the internet and blockchain come along to replace the middle, you’re in trouble.