Are Robot Lawn Mowers FINALLY Worth It?

Electric lawnmowers are great. Quieter, more powerful, no toxic fumes or gasoline, and far less maintenance than a gas mower. However, there’s another way to level up your electric lawn mower game and that’s with the latest onslaught of robotic mowers hitting the market. Autonomous mowers that use proximity sensors, computer vision, and accurate to the centimeter global positioning systems are everywhere now. Last year I beta tested a model that’s out on the market now, and this year I bought myself a second one for comparison … and because I have a tech addiction problem … I even have a third, but it’s technically not a mower in its current configuration. It’s a yard robot with a snow blower attachment that I’m looking forward to testing out next winter. When I said that these things were everywhere now …. maybe I just meant at my house. But seriously, how well do they work and are they worth it?

AI Is Changing the Game, Says Anduril Founder Luckey

Anduril founder Palmer Luckey joins Caroline Hyde for an exclusive interview to discuss the company’s new product line leveraging AI and focused on electronic warfare. He also explains how AI is changing the game, why he is more worried about competition from Iran, China and Russia rather than in the US, and why he thinks the US needs to have the best warfare technology. He speaks on “Bloomberg Technology.”

How AI Will Step Off the Screen and into the Real World | Daniela Rus | TED

The convergence of AI and robotics will unlock a wonderful new world of possibilities in everyday life, says robotics and AI pioneer Daniela Rus. Diving into the way machines think, she reveals how “liquid networks” — a revolutionary class of AI that mimics the neural processes of simple organisms — could help intelligent machines process information more efficiently and give rise to “physical intelligence” that will enable AI to operate beyond digital confines and engage dynamically in the real world.

All New Atlas | Boston Dynamics

We are unveiling the next generation of humanoid robots—a fully electric Atlas robot designed for real-world applications. The new Atlas builds on decades of research and furthers our commitment to delivering the most capable, useful mobile robots solving the toughest challenges in industry today: with Spot, with Stretch, and now with Atlas. Stay tuned to see what the world’s most dynamic humanoid robot can really do—in the lab, in the factory, and in our lives.

I Tested Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dog

What is Boston Dynamics robot dog?

The truth about Boston Dynamics’ famous robot dog

You might think you already know Spot, the robot dog from Boston Dynamics. Maybe you saw a viral video of it opening a door, or dragging a truck, or dancing. But now, this robot has hit a HUGE milestone… Spot got a job!

These robots are now out in the real world doing real work, for fire departments, factories, defunct nuclear power plants like Fukushima, ancient ruins like Pompeii, deep mines, and, more controversially, police departments. You might already be starting to see robot dogs walking around, and even if you’re not, they’re starting to affect your life.

That’s why we went to visit Boston Dynamics. In this video, we put Spot to the test, to show you what it’s really capable of, and how our future could be even better with robot dogs.