Utility Tokens are not Investments

Continuing with the never-ending theme of things crypto people make that also aren’t investments, next on the list, are utility tokens.

In theory, they’re actually not a bad idea. I often describe crypto tokens as gift certificates, and utility tokens are the best example of why. You’re basically buying the right to consume a service. In the context of software, it’s basically like buying a license. People have been buying digital licenses for years and when a new technology doesn’t require new behaviors it’s more likely to be successful. If you stop here and don’t go any deeper, this all looks pretty good.

NFTs as a Utility Token

We may be valuing NFTs all wrong. Sure, short term value could based on real world assets, but NFTs are more than that. What if an NFT became a utility token? Here I’ll discuss NFTs as a utility token and some of the signs that are all around

Every Type of NFT Utility Explained | DAO, Staking, Burning, Breeding, Utility Tokens and More!

As the crypto markets go on run and ethereum price is soaring the nft space is moving slow. In this video I breakdown what common utility projects are using to stand out in this fast paced landscape. People have started stigmatizing DAO’s due to the whole daoturtles being taken off open sea. I believe every NFT project should be utilizing a DAO to handle governance in their communities. We are seeing a lot projects and founders innovate in this space but also a lot of bad actors using these pieces of utility as a buzzword to reel people in. Today’s video i breakdown each type of utility and explain how they work.

What is Tokenomics Explained | Tokenomics 101: Everything You Need To Know

Nowadays, a lot of projects are popping up within the blockchain industry, claiming to be the next big innovation that will change the world. In reality, only a minority is really disruptive. Because of the innovative character of this technology, the number of used cases is unlimited: tracking ownership, the provenance of documents, supply chain management, insurance, and so on. In this video, I’ll introduce you to an important concept of tokenomics, or token economics. This new paradigm is shaking the traditional economy, but it includes many challenges. I’ll underline its key concepts, and its main pain points to keep in mind during the creation of a new token ecosystem.

Secrets of The Token Sale: What is Token Design?

What is Token Design and why do we need it?

Despite the fact that well-functioning token architectures are a fundamental component of any healthy crypto protocol, the vast majority of crypto protocols make serious mistakes in their token architectures. This results in fewer fundraising opportunities for early-stage crypto protocols and in lower utility and market caps of live crypto protocols.

The goal of this video is to give readers an overview of all token architecture mechanisms currently in use. If crypto protocols implement them correctly, these mechanisms have the potential to exponentially increase the value and market caps of their underlying tokens.

What is a Utility Token, Security Token and Equity Token?

A lot of crypto companies form with a purpose not to be a security token, due to the regulations and oversight. Hence, these companies establish themselves as a utility token, which bears a key to open the door to something. Security and Equity tokens provide many financial advantages, but the legal foundation is not firmly established – however the future for them is promising.