The Dawn of Artificial General Intelligence – Can We Survive a Post AGI World?

The dawn of a Superintelligence or the process of the creation of artificial general intelligence has often been described as a digital metamorphosis. By seeking better and cheaper technology, we are inevitably fueling the process that will eventually give rise to a superintelligence or AGI. Computer scientists have pointed out that there are only two possibilities why AGI wont emerge. Either we destroy ourselves, or we agree not to pursue better technology. Since the last alternative is quite improbable, one day, if we do not destroy civilization, we will witness the rise of artificial general intelligence. Superintelligent machines pose a unique threat to humanity if our values are not aligned. One solution to the apparent Fermi paradox could be the misaligned values between artificial life and biological life. The development of AI, in particular Strong AI or General AI most often referred as AGI could also be the architect of a Utopian world. However we can not afford for a best case scenario by sitting on our hands. We have to tread carefully in these unfamiliar digital waters and put the right systems and regulations into place. There is also hope for humanity in the sense of us merging with intelligent machines into a symbiotic relationship. The dawn of artificial general intelligence and aligning our values with such an AGI which is also known as the AI control problem, might be the single most important task in the history of our species.