The Hype of Blockchain and Climate Change

Companies are being created to use the transparency of blockchain to solve problems. 


It will be even better in the future when we have more actual successes to cite as working examples.

Climate change is not immune to the boasting of quick cures for complex problems.  Nori is one such entity. The company’s website describes themselves as “A blockchain-based marketplace for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.”  They are “on a mission to reverse climate change. “

Perhaps bold ideas are needed now, more than ever, to address climate change.  But in fact, really what is behind their promise is primarily a platform that facilitates more transparent transactions.

This does not make their effort any less noble, but its hyperbole does add to the noise that surrounds blockchain and potentially devalues its actual merit in the eyes of those who are newly trying to understand and embrace it: especially among those who are sincerely seeking comprehensive solutions to climate matters.

Hopefully, Nori’s contributions will prove valuable.  Its claims may prove to be less so.

Also see NPR audio report.