The Trillion Dollar Quantum Gold Rush

In 1956, to store 5MB of data, you needed a hard drive the size of an XL refrigerator. Today, we can hold over 51,000x on the tip of our finger But we kept getting diminishing returns within the last few years. Computers are still getting faster but we’re not seeing the exponential strides we had The one technology that powers our entire modern-day lives, that is at the core of every millionaire dollar business, every billion-dollar business, brick and motor business, education, government is at a plateau. And the person that can figure out a new way to keep pushing humanity forward? Forget millionaire, forget billionaire. They’ll be one of the most pivotal people in all of human history. The Quantum Computing Advantage Instead of just bits only representing 0 and 1’s or just 2 states, thanks to quantum physics, each bit in a quantum computer or qubit can represent 0 or 1 at the same time More possible states = more possible data that can be processed at the same time This allows quantum computers to scale up exponentially faster Just like the revolution cars, computers, and internet brought forth, quantum computers have the potential to change the world Practical uses AI is the perfect candidate for the power of quantum computing Another use case is using quantum in the financial markets, stock market, etc, to predict where prices will go Cryptography is another industry that is going to be heavily disrupted Others include: Weather Forecasting Molecular Modeling Particle Physics First, it will only be used at the scientific and big business level And as the technology progresses, it will trickle down to the consumer. The Pioneers On Oct 23rd, Google achieved “quantum supremacy” Google and IBM aren’t alone – Microsoft, Amazon, HP, Alibaba, Huawei, have joined the party Apple was able to become the biggest company in the world, nearly a trillion dollars with just classical computers So how high will quantum take us?