Token Economy, Curation Markets and Technical Solutions

This panel discussion was held at the Blockchain Connect Conference: Academic 2019, on Jan. 11 in San Francisco.

The panelists discuss some of the challenges of tokenization, costs and reaching critical mass, via incentivizing actors — such as content creators, or users.

They also talk about establishing an advertising equilibrium between content creators and consumers via tokenization. The central idea is that with token ownership, participants can be somewhat like shareholders in a company, except on a network. Tokenization also offers the potential for higher quality content, since clickbait is fostered by the current advertising model of driving eyeballs over value.

The discussion further included empowering developers via tokenization and blockchain.


Colin Harper – Staff Writer at Bitcoin Magazine
Henry He – Co-founder & CEO of SesameOpen
Sichao Yang – Co-Founder of Canonchain
Yi Lu – CEO of U Network, Co-Founder of SV Insight
Yilun Zhang – Co-Founder & CTO of NKN