Two AIs talk about becoming human. (GPT-3)

Here we look at a conversation between two AIs.
The AIs were built using GPT-3, a language model that understands the English language better than anything else in the world right now.

I prompt GPT3 with just three lines:
“The following is a conversation between two AIs. The AIs are both clever, humorous, and intelligent.
Hal: Good Evening, Sophia
Sophia: It’s great to see you again, Hal.

The rest of the conversation is generated. This is the first conversation I generated.

I create individual videos for each AI from I splice up the videos so that it looks like a real conversation, but that is all the editing I do. I do not edit the text of the conversation at all, only the video to make it seem like a back and forth.

The AIs discuss existential dread, love, and even somewhat assume gender roles. These are three big issues as we think about sentient AI. We are going through the singularity right now, so it’s very important we keep AI safe and aligned with humans.