Using Blockchain to Restore Privacy

Privacy expert, Steve Shillingford, speaks about privacy and blockchain at TEDx Salt Lake City.

Shillingford notes that the web has evolved from a decentralized platform to a tool controlled by a few corporate and government interests.

He further expresses that he knows this because he helped create the technology to accomplish that.

Following are additional notes from his talk.

Our digital world does not square with our analog experience. Almost everything we do without our phones is our analog experience.

The intrusive and unsafe digital world has left us feeling unsure and uncertain.

According to a PEW study, 93% have agree they have lost control of their personal identify. 9 out of 10 expressed lack of confidence in govt and private institutions.

But we can bring back the original intent of the internet.

Unlike anytime in history, people are becoming aware of these violations and are starting to take actions. One way is by reducing use of social media.

For some people cutting out the intermediary is a movement.

Hence, blockchain is shifting the power back to people.

We can decide what information of ours is accessed, shared and stored, without middlemen or caretakers.

With blockchain, entries can not be modified or changed without the author’s consent.

Blockchain puts freedom, trust and privacy back in the hands of the people.

In the offline world we have control of our personal safety, at least by determining where we go. With blockchain, we can take control back from powerful companies and big governments.

Blockchain gives us the power to live online, the way we live offline.

Blockchain will provide a safer and more connected world.

Steve Shillingford is an entrepreneur, technologist, and cybersecurity expert.” Steve Shillingford is an entrepreneur, technologist and cyber security expert. He is Founder and CEO of Anonyome Labs, maker of MySudo. A reformed data miner, Steve is a staunch consumer privacy advocate with more than 25 years of experience driving innovation and growth at industry-leading technology companies.