What is an STO? Security Token Offering

Security Token Offerings (STOs), like ICOs, are fundraising tools. However, they have certain regulations which hold the token issuers accountable for their actions. Unlike the regular utility tokens, STOs generate “security tokens” which are real-time digital assets that operate within legal boundaries.

Benefits Provided by STOs

There are three main advantages:

  • Superior liquidity options
  • Reduced cost against IPOs
  • Segmented ownership

Superior Liquidity Options

Fully licensed exchange platforms will now soon be available for security token trading. This will significantly increase trading confidence because of the added credibility. Since a real-world asset can be represented via security tokens, it will enable investors to liquidate security tokens against any product.

Reduced Costs vs. IPOs

In the non-crypto world, only a handful of companies go public because that transition requires a lot of money in the first place. As such, investors have the option of buying the shares of a very few companies.

However, STOs can be started right away since they are a lot cheaper than public companies. They reduce costs by completely removing the middlemen. Also, having more STOs will allow more people to invest in the shares of more companies.

Segmented Ownership

Security tokens will make high-priced assets a lot more accessible for the common man. Security tokens can easily segment an asset into smaller sub-divisions making it possible for an investor to own a fraction of the asset instead of the complete product.

Conclusion: Security Tokens Explained 

STOs may become the preferred mode of crowd-funding in the near future. They are a lot more regulated and secure than ICOs while being a lot cheaper than IPOs. STOs also have the potential of opening up asset-ownership to a wide variety of people.