What is electricity? – Electricity Explained

What is electricity? How does electricity work? What do electrons do? What is short circuiting? These are all questions answered in this video: A fundamental explainer on what electricity is and how it works.

In following videos we’ll look at voltage, ampere, ohm (resistance) and many more electricity related topics. All of this is to build a foundation of knowledge to serve all the future (and past) videos here on Into The Ordinary.

A couple of choices were made during the production of this video, that can be helpful to know:

  • I chose to mention the Bohr-model in relation to the orbital model to bring the point across that there is more to atoms than just this. The What Are Atoms? video better explains orbitals than this video does, though.
  • I intentionally used the word “shells” instead of orbits because it better catches what electrons are in real life, although still a simplification. This video is about electricity, not particle physics.
  • Power generation, how batteries work, amps, volts, ohms, are all topics I want to address in separate videos.
  • There will probably be a few more questions about this video, which I will try to address in the comments or in the description, here.

Never directly connect a wire to both holes of a wall socket, and never directly connect a wire to both ends of a battery! This can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening!