Artificial Intelligence In 90 Seconds

Artificial Intelligence is used everywhere. Everyday you see it in search engines, shopping recommendations, and digital assistants. It’s also used in fraud prevention, the medical industry uses it in analysis of radiological scans, and meteorologists use it to better predict extreme weather. But what is AI? The short answer is: AI is the science of making machines smart. AI’s use algorithms to solve problems. They can consume and analyze enormous amounts of data to learn to complete a particular task. This is called machine learning. One of the most popular machine learning libraries is Google’s TensorFlow. TensorFlow has several wrappers in several languages making it accessible to just about anyone. Here’s how it works. Most machine learning frameworks will follow the same basic steps: collect data, build models, train the network, evaluate the results, predict outcome. There are other machine learning frameworks out there, but the thing I like best about TensorFlow is that it is open source and has great community support.