Ben Goertzel – Artificial Intelligence: Past, Present and Future

Ben Goertzel speaks at TransVision 2018 (October) in Madrid Spain. Goertzel introduces the current state of Sophia Hanson, which describes itself as an early stage transhuman robot.

TransVision 2018 explored artificial inteliligence, human enhancement and other technologies and future trends. The first TransVision conference was held during 1998 in The Netherlands.

The first keynote speaker at the event was Sophia, which is also the first humanoid robot awarded citizenship in 2017.

Transhumanism is an international philosophical movement that advocates for the transformation of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology.

Goertzel demonstrates Sophia and describes the various AI systems currently in use.

He further discusses transhumanism as a natural evolution to become greater human beings.