Blockchain – The Engine of the Next Financial Revolution | Mauro Casellini | TEDxVaduz

What will be the engine of the next financial revolution? Mauro Casellini speaks in his TEDx talk about the potential that he sees in blockchain technology. He explains how complicated today’s financial infrastructure is based on the use case of payments and talks about the opportunity which this newer technology will deliver. In his talk he simplifies the functionality of the blockchain technology which clearly highlight its benefits compared to the traditional, heavily centralized financial infrastructure. Thanks to the distributed ledger technology, peer-to-peer transactions without any single intermediary will be possible. Today we just share information through the internet, but thanks to blockchain, we have finally the opportunity to share money and other asset with each other in a fully decentralized and digital way.

Mauro is working in the financial sector since 2006 and in the blockchain space since 2016. Thanks to his background in financial services and his technical affinity, he clearly understands the potential which the blockchain technology delivers for the financial industry nowadays. He has successfully implemented a corporate strategy in the field of blockchain banking for his former employer in Liechtenstein and works now as Head of Europe for a major blockchain financial service provider.