Blockchain: The Future of Intellectual Property Protection | Kary Oberbrunner | TEDxOshkosh

For centuries, inventors and entrepreneurs have often been hesitant to share new ideas for fear of these ideas getting stolen. There is substantial value in sharing developing ideas to get feedback, and proof of concept, however, there’s also a risk in doing so. The traditional ways of protecting intellectual property—copyrights, trademarks, and patents— are slow, expensive, and cumbersome. This talk proposes another way of protecting intellectual property that’s faster, easier, and cheaper all made possible through blockchain technology. Through the creation of tamper-proof, time-stamped, digital smart contracts, creators can now protect intellectual property with greater ease, flexibility, and speed. Blockchains enable a public ledger that’s decentralized, distributed, and global to prove ownership. The result is a new world of innovation and abundance. The system proposed in this talk not only allows those who have used traditional protection mechanisms like copyright to have a faster way to protect their property, it provides a much more accessible option for those who could not afford traditional methods of intellectual property.