Future of Artificial Intelligence: Davos, Switzerland

CNET senior producer, Dan Patterson, speaks to Ben Goertzel, CEO and founder of SingularityNET, about the future of artificial intelligence.

SingularityNET describes itself as letting “anyone create, share, and monetize AI services at scale. The world’s decentralized AI network has arrived.”

Its website furthers states, “We gathered the leading minds in machine learning and blockchain to democratize access to AI technology. Now anyone can take advantage of a global network of AI algorithms, services, and agents.”

Goertzel says this about himself on his LinkedIn profile: “My main focus these days is the SingularityNET project, which brings AI and blockchain together to create a decentralized open market for AIs. It’s a medium for the creation and emergence of AGI, a way to roll out superior AI-as-a-service to every vertical market, and a way to enable everyone in the world contribute to and benefit from AI.”

One thing is for sure, AI will disrupt the world in important ways.