Futurist Conference Panel Discussion: The Future of AI & Blockchain

Ben Goertzel speaks about AI governance and control. He says “Whoever controls the AI, whoever owns the AI, controls and owns the world.” He goes on to say that it could be controlled by a few corporations or by the people via decentralization through blockchain. He also discusses that decentralized AI needs to be cheaper, smarter and more efficient than centralized systems.

Toufi Saliba speaks about how the promise of blockchain reduces the friction of business transactions and interactions while increasing security of AI with the intention of empowering indiividuals and the majority of the world, vs a few owners.

Chantel Costa speaks about the dichotomy of AI becoming centralized to a few entities vs being of available and accessible to the general public. Blockchain provides more transparency in AI by providing a transparent audit trail. She advocates that Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple should not lead the way.