Impossible Objects is Disrupting 3D Printing With a New Process | AMUG 2023 w/ Vision

Today we’re here with Steve Hoover from Impossible Objects checking out their revolutionary CBAM 3D Printing technology that can create parts faster than traditional methods. PEEK, NYLON 12 combined with carbon fiber or glass fiber can be 3D printed with high-speed inkjet printing methods to create high performance composite parts. This technology is insane in an age where PEEK, ULTEM and other high performance thermoplastics require advanced industrial machines in order to pull off acceptable results.

The AMUG conference is one of the biggest additive manufacturing expos in the world and is a premiere event to catch the latest trends and see what current and future innovations are hitting the market. As always we are bringing you guys our top picks from the show. The kind of companies and innovators that are making great strides and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Join Rob as he presents the most eye-catching products from AMUG conference 2023!