Is Putin Losing His Gas Grip in Europe? – VisualPolitik EN

Putin has practically cut off all gas to Europe: this condemns Europe to recession, prohibitive energy prices and gas rationing. Even in many European cities, such as Prague, mass protests have been held against NATO, support for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia.

However, the European Union has already moved quickly to find alternatives to Russian gas. And many of these measures are already working. Against all odds, Europe has already filled natural gas tanks to more than 80%. In addition, new ways of getting liquefied natural gas (LNG) to areas where it seemed impossible before are emerging.

Meanwhile, Russia is not in as comfortable a situation as it seems: they have lost their main energy customer and are losing important positions in Ukraine.

What has Europe done to get natural gas without depending on Russia? How is it possible that Germany is buying liquefied natural gas? What is happening in Russia? In this video we tell you about it.