The Dangers of Artificial Intelligence – Stuart Russell on AI Risk

Stuart Russell is a British computer scientist known for his contributions to artificial intelligence. He warns about the risks involved in the creation of AI systems.

Artificial intelligence has become a key behind-the-scenes component of many aspects of our day-to-day lives.

The promise of AI has lured many into attempting to harness it for societal benefit, but there are also concerns about its potential misuse.

Dr. Stuart Russell is one of AI’s true pioneers and has been at the forefront of the field for decades. He proposes a novel solution which bring us to a better understanding of what it will take to create beneficial machine intelligence.

In view of the recent warnings from researchers and entrepreneurs that artificial intelligence or AI may become too smart, major players in the technology field are thinking about different methods for mitigating these concerns and preserving human control.

Stuart Russell, argues that if AI surpasses humanity in general intelligence and becomes Superintelligent, then this new Superintelligence could become powerful and difficult to control.

Existing weak AI systems can be monitored and easily shut down and modified if they misbehave. However, a misprogrammed Superintelligence, which by definition is smarter than humans in solving practical problems it encounters in the course of pursuing its goals, would realize that allowing itself to be shut down and modified might interfere with its ability to accomplish its current goals. If the Superintelligence therefore decides to resist shutdown and modification, it would be smart enough to outwit its human operators and other efforts to shut it down.