Token Economics 0: Course Intro

This video is an overview of a course on token economics, or crypto-economics, which is the study and design of economics based on blockchain technology.

The course touches upon distributed ledger technology and triple-entry accounting as well as the two primary categories of tokens: utility tokens and security tokens.

The course also addresses decentralized organizations, game theory and the design of incentive structures to align the interests of the individuals of the whole organization within user-generate networks.

As a result, token networks can be used to remove the centralized management structure of organizations while better aligning the incentive structures of producers and end users.

The course also addresses the formation of large-scale blockchain networks that span across organizations and industries to create powerful new ecosystems. Inn other words, blockchain as an infrastructure for a global-services economy.

Finally, the course addresses token networks as a way to fund their own establishment and guide their future development.