Top 10 Electric Motorcycles | Top Ten Electric Bikes To Spark Your Interest

The #electric #motorcycles revolution is coming and – shock! – it will be here to stay.

We know many of you out there will take a lot of convincing to convert, so here are some of the most convincing electric motorcycles available right now or coming soon that maybe – just maybe – will spark your interest

LiveWire ONE (1:03)
LiveWire Del Mar (2:14)
Zero SR/F (2:56)
BMW CE.04 (3:48)
Energica Ego (4:46)
Energica Experia (5:45)
Kymco RevoNEX (6:24)
Damon HyperSport (7.20)
Arc Vector (8:11)
Ducati MotoE (9:17)