Why Tesla’s New Nanotech Battery Is A Game Changer

Why Tesla’s New Nanotech Battery Is A Game Changer? Ever since Tesla introduced its Model 3 version, a lot of things have changed. This model is only priced within a 40,000-dollar price range, making it much more affordable for the common person. So much so that the model 3 has become the world’s most selling electric vehicle. In 2019 alone, more than 300,000 of these cars were sold across the world. Now, Tesla’s electric cars use a lithium-ion battery to power the car. These are essentially the same types of batteries that we use in our phones, but since a car requires many times the power compared to a phone, these batteries are very large. This means that Tesla utilizes a lot of cobalt, graphite, and lithium to produce these batteries. The problem is that the world could just end running out of these elements quite soon. But not to worry, because Tesla does have a plan. The answer lies in the new nanotech batteries.

This technology is extremely tiny but even more so terrific! We are basically dealing with gizmos which are so much that you could not see them with your naked eye. Hell, not even with an average microscope, as you would need an electron microscope to be able to see its function. To put that into perspective, the gizmos we’re talking about, around which this technology revolves, are so small that you could fit billions of them on the point of a needle. That’s right! But do not let that fool you. This tiny technology is absolutely amazing. Basically, one of the aspects of nanotechnology is a thing called graphene. Just take out a few seconds to understand what graphene is because nanotech is the essence of how we perceive batteries.