6 Hottest Ad Tech & Programmatic Trends to Adopt Today

Trends can be just buzzwords. But they also may be not. We combed through tons of programmatic predictions, interviewed the eight greatest ad tech innovators, and racked our own brains to figure out which industry novelties are worth adoption.

Among them, you will find quite obvious programmatic predictions, while others might actually surprise you (for example, trends #4 and #5). Ready to start? Then let our irresistible Dmitry Chebakov guide you through the world of miraculous ad tech innovations!

Which trends are inside:

0:24​ #1: Consent-Driven 1st-party Data Models
1:50​ #2: The Rise of Connected TV, OTT, and Mobile Ad Formats
3:15​ #3: AI and Machine Learning Development
4:25​ #4: Audio and Podcast Ads Scale-up
5:20​ #5: Shift from Hyper-Personalization to Hyper-Relevance
6:01​ #6: Recovery of DOOH Advertising