Crypto: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Jeff Berwick is Editor-in-Chief at The Dollar Vigilante, which represents itself as the economic thinking of libertarian purists (anarcho-capitalists), grounded in free-market Austrian economics.

This talk was held at the Blockchain Summit London.

Berwick speaks of the historic rise of Bitcoin as the biggest threat to central banks and governments in history. He describes central banking as a scam which impoverishes the 99%.

He discusses how central banks and the Rothchilds use money to control the population and the world.

The following are notes from his presentation:

  • Currency is energy and we are giving energy when we make purchases.
  • If cryptos became the primary exchange of value it would make banks irrelevant and governments would be relegated to a smaller role.
  • Bitcoin was the first private currency that could not be controlled by a central bank or government.
  • He likens the evolution of decentralized cryptocurrencies as freedom, world peace and prosperity for mankind.
  • The risk of blockchain is that governments will regulate it and use it to track money and people, which is an even greater form of enslavement than currently in existence.
  • Hence, blockchain can be used to free people or enslave them.
  • Mainstream media is the propaganda arm of the government.
  • In the next few years, the decisions made about blockchain will decide the fate of the world. It’s much more than making money and making cool things.
  • The ugly of blockchain is that if used incorrectly, it could enslave the world. If used correctly it can create freedom.
  • For that reason, he does not recommend Ripple but he likes EOS and Monero.