GPT 3 Demo and Explanation – An AI revolution from OpenAI

GPT 3 can write poetry, translate text, chat convincingly, and answer abstract questions. It’s being used to code, design and much more. I’ll give you a demo of some of the latest in this technology and some of how it works.

GPT3 comes from a company called OpenAI. OpenAI was founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman (former president of Y-combinator the startup accelerator). OpenAI was founded with over a Billion invested to collaborate and create human-level AI for the benefit of society.

GPT 3 has been developed for a number of years. One of the early papers published was on Generative Pre-Training. The idea behind generative pre-training (GPT) is that while most AI’s are trained on labeled data, there’s a ton of data that isn’t labeled. If you can evaluate the words and use them to train and tune the AI it can start to create predictions of future text on the unlabeled data. You repeat the process until predictions start to converge.

The newest GPT is able to do a ton. Some of the demos include:

– GPT 3 demo of how to design a user interface using AI
– GPT 3 demo of how to code a react application using AI
– GPT 3 demo of an excel plug-in to fill data using AI
– GPT 3 demo of a search engine/answer engine using AI
– GPT3 demo of command line auto-complete from English to shell commands