Moving En Masse to Blockchain

Elixxir’s David Chaum and Madeira Global’s Christina Alfonso-Ercan speak with Fortune’s Robert Hackett at Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal, earlier this month (Nov 5-8).

Chaum believes blockchain’s potential will surpass the hype and will unleash more human creativity and establish a new digital world.

He remarks that Bitcoin did not evolve into the vision delineated in Satoshi’s original white paper.

Alfonso-Ercan sees the opportunity for crypto as a convenience to human culture’s desire for instant gratification. Banks are going to be resistant to the change until it makes financial sense.

Chaum considers security to be the primary factor for big adoption. 

He elaborates that Blockchain is the next logical step and evolution for information technology. It will be the fundamental architecture for the democratization for entrepreneurs any where in the world. He also talks about his recent breakthroughwith Elixxir, which solves blockchain’s primary challenges.