Photolithography and Applications in Nanotechnology | Benjamin Chen

I have personally experimented with three lab experiments that deal with photolithography: microfluidics, microletters, and 2-photon lithography. Microfluidics is the field of science that encompasses fluid manipulation, taking advantage of the fact that fluids act differently at a microscale. One example of this is how water acts as a non-Newtonian fluid at a microscale, meaning that unlike at the macroscale, water‚viscosity depends on the force applied to it. It would then be useful to explain how there are many biological applications for microfluidics. My experiments with micro-letters provide insight into the process with which we transcribe letters, writing, or any other patterns onto microchips using photolithography. Ben Chen is a junior at Deerfield Academy and an aspiring engineer who discovered the wonders of nanotechnology this past summer. Ben is a well-rounded person with many interests, but his core passions lie in STEM and certain sports. He hopes you’ll be able to learn something new through his talk about photolithography (one of the processes behind nanotechnology’s success), its uses in our current day and age, and its potential in our future. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.